Our Story

February of 2021, my wife and I were in a hotel room in Charlotte, NC for 6 weeks because she had just received a kidney transplant. We lived almost 3 hours away from the hospital where she would have her every-other-day appointments, and driving back and forth 3 hours, both ways, multiple times in a week was not it. We had just experienced a miracle in physical nature, but while sitting in that hotel room for 6 weeks, God began speaking to our hearts and planting the seeds of vision for what later would become Rings and Robes. 

My wife and I reflected on all the things needing a kidney and having to do dialysis 3 times a week limited us to. There were many times where it literally felt like a ball-and-chain. Limitations and certain restrictions bound us to a routine in our life that we knew God was calling us above. We knew that we had to wait for His perfect timing. And His timing was perfect. Now having received her kidney, my wife and I began to dream a little bigger. We began to revisit things on our hearts from years back, knowing that many of the physical restraints had been removed. Even though my wife was in physical pain, she and I would have conversations that were filled with so much life and promise. In the midst of our current situation, on the road to recovery, right there in room 1026, the foundations of Rings and Robes was being built.

We were walking, breathing, living examples of God’s restorative power. And for years, many people have followed our journey. They’ve prayed for us, brought us food, blessed us financially, and shared kind words of encouragement during difficult times. We began thinking about others who had lost something in their life. Maybe due to something out of their control, they found them self waiting for that thing, that person to return or be restored. People waiting for their health to turn around, and to hear a good report from the doctor. For their marriage that was once full of life and love, but now finds itself in a difficult season, and the couple needs to see God restore the foundations of once was. For that person who is praying and waiting for that son or daughter to return home; like the father in the illustration of the Prodigal Son. We've all lost something that we would celebrate about if returned. My wife and I knew what the brand represented for us, but we also believed that it would speak and resonate with many others. Rejoice the Return

Rings and Robes is a premium apparel brand birthed from our love for fashion and our story of faith. We set out to create apparel that gives individuals a canvas to express their creative style and represent their story. God looks at the heart, but we're mindful that people see our outward appearance. But what if your outer could give people a small glimpse of your inner? Rings and Robes is more than apparel. It's stories. It's victories. It's comebacks. Through the medium of creative style and content, we want to uplift our society, inspire our communities, and help culture see Kingdom.


Emory Anderson: Founder/Owner